Become A Direct Mail Fundraising Letter Writing Ninja!

Filed in Blog by on 28 February, 2013

Writing high quality content is an important skill, and critical to the success of your direct mail fundraising letter. Two popular options:

1. Pay a professional copywriter to compose a direct mail fundraising letter.

2. Use someone on your staff or volunteer (student) to write and compose the donation request.

If you prefer not to use an outside source – no worries. By the end of this article you will learn a few essential tips that will turn you into a direct mail fundraising letter ninja!

Become A Fundraiser Letter Writing Ninja Tip 1:

Write with your audience in mind – always. This is often called speaking your potential donors’ language. Before you write a single sentence make a list. This list should contain what you believe your target audience is thinking as he or she reads your donation request.

What words or language will they likely use? What questions may they have before sending money? What is the money going to be spent on? Answer the questions. Write your response in simple terms and words – save your large vocabulary for another time. Keep your sentences short, simple, and powerful.

Become A Ninja Fundraiser Letter Writing Tip 2:

Realize there will be two distinct types of potential donors reading your fundraising letter.

Your first potential donor will quickly glance at the letter. To appeal to this person and grab their attention, include strong, captivating bullet points. These highlighted areas will encourage them to reader further – to take the next step.

The second possible donor will closely read the entire copy, scrutinize the details, and look for answers.  To appeal to this recipient make sure to answer as many questions as you anticipate they may have. Be as brief as possible, but go as long as necessary to address all possible concerns and issues.

Become A Fundraiser Letter Writing Ninja Tip 3:

Your headline and packaging: Think of your headline and envelope as first impressions. It’s the same as meeting a new person. After a few seconds before you begin to judge what this person is like. Good or bad, right or wrong, we all do it, but in this case there is no second chance.

It’s the same with your writing and packaging. The manner in which you position and package your direct mail fundraising letter is your “first impression”.  Above all else be sure the materials are clean and professional. Use one color plus black for everything other than photos or a logo. Make it bold and powerful!

Become A Fundraiser Letter Writing Ninja Tip 4:

It’s a fact that humans desire recognition. Make sure your prospective donor knows the importance of their donation and the impact it will have. Make it clear they are contributing to important work. It is an important inducement to give.

Become A Fundraiser Letter Writing Ninja Tip 5:

Create a sense of urgency. We are an immediate gratification society, and that sense must be conveyed in your donation request. Write a deadline, prompt them to act RIGHT NOW. Grab the enclosed envelope, insert your donation, re -seal the envelope, and drop into the mailbox. It’s that simple to help TODAY!

Your goal is to make their donation simple and hassle free -so they have no excuse not to write the check and drop it in the mailbox.

These are a few of the essential components to composing a successful direct mail fundraising letter. Stick to these and keep expanding your knowledge and you will become a copy writing ninja pulling in huge donations for your cause in no time.